06 December 2010

My (New) Favorite Fertilizer......................

MAXSEA dissolves instantly in water making use in hydroponics a cnch

Organic fertilizers come and go and most work. I am a fan of liquids or solubles because I feel they get into the soil deeper and activate quicker.  Liquid forms are also a time saver since they can be used every time you water saving the task of applying plant foods at different times to watering. I have used for years a combination of sea weed and fish emulsion. Sea weed is good for cell structure and overall plant stamina.

I recently received several samples of a newer introduction to the organic plant food category. MAXSEA is a wettable powder formula containing seaweed, high analysis fertilizer and micro nutrients. It differs from fish emulsion in the fact that the fertilizer content is much higher needing smaller amounts to use. The bloom formula is 3-20-20 while the basic general purpose in 16-16-16.

One tablespoon per gallon of water, one teaspoon in my use with every watering. MAXSEA dilutes instantly in water turning a pleasant green color. It also does not smell like fish! Instant dilution makes MAXSEA a good use for hydroponics where organic plant foods are few and far between.

So far the results are excellent. The foliage on the umbrella plant, diffenbachia and croton have improved nicely. I have also been using it on young African Violets that were grown as cuttings from stock plants a few months back. 

Several other cuttings are growing under a grow light with bottom heat and getting close to their first feeding.
I will use the MAXSEA 3-20-20 formula on them to get root growth established.

My planned feeding schedule:

                First sign of roots/new transplants: MAXSEA Bloom 3-20-20 for three to five weeks                   
                Established plants pre-bloom: MAXSEA 16-16-16 til first buds form
                First flower thru harvest MAXSEA Bloom 3-20-20

Supplemental feeding: Liquid endos, ectos, bacteriums and humates (such as Thrive or Floralicious plus) every two weeks

Garden advice you can dig!

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