19 May 2014

EPA Approves New Pesticide That is Toxic to Pollinating Insects

My honeybee consultant Dr. Danny Girton sent me this information an a new pesticide approved recently by the EPA:

"The EPA just approved yet another bee toxic systemic pesticide called cyantraniliprole, and set allowable residue limits on almonds, berries, leafy vegetables and milk. The EPA also approved it as a seed treatment (stay away from those treated seeds!) so it may show up on GMO seeds in the future. Some formulas of this toxic pesticide combine it with neonicotinoids. Cyantraniliprole has been proven to be toxic to bees and also causes liver toxicity and thyroid instability in mammals. The approval of cyantraniliprole raises serious concerns. The EPA, (or should we say Exceptionally-Incompetent Pesticide Agency) has just set itself up for another lawsuit. Be safe. Grown your own. Buy organic."

Information on this systemic control can be found at The Federal Register web site
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